Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are home-study traffic school programs?

2. Who says I can do traffic school at home?

3. Who may take a home-study program?

4. What is the difference between Traffic School on the Internet and regular traffic school?

5. What is the difference between Traffic School on the Internet and other home-study traffic schools?

6. How much do home-study courses cost?

7. How do I pay?

8. Do I have to wait for my payment to clear before I take the program?

9. Is any classroom attendance required?

10. What if I don't have an Email address?

11. What if I don't have my own access to the Internet?

12. How soon should I sign up for Traffic School on the Internet?

13. Once I sign up, what do I have to do to complete the program?

14. Does my Certificate have to be at the court by my due date? Or is okay if it's postmarked by then but arrives late?

15. After I complete the course, will my citation be dismissed, as it would have been if I had gone to a regular classroom traffic school?

16. This is supposed to be an online program. Why can't you Email my certificate?

17. I received a form from the court that says I need to get a signature from my traffic school and send it in with my certificate. What should I do?

18. I paid a traffic school fee to the court. Why do I have to pay you, too?

19. How do I sign up for Traffic School on the Internet?

20. I've already registered, how do I get to the course?

21. I have a commercial license (Class A, B, or Commercial Class C), am I eligible for your traffic school?


1. WHAT ARE HOME STUDY TRAFFIC SCHOOL PROGRAMS? Home study programs are an option offered to you by certain courts as a means of satisfying the requirements prescribed in the California Vehicle Code to have your traffic citation resolved without a conviction on your DMV record.

2. WHO SAYS I CAN DO TRAFFIC SCHOOL AT HOME? Traffic School is permitted under the California Vehicle code, Section 42007(c) and need only be authorized by the court in whose jurisdiction the citation was issued.

3. WHO MAY TAKE A HOME STUDY PROGRAM? Every court determines its own criteria for home-study programs. Some will allow anyone eligible for traffic school to take a home study course. Others make it available only to out-of-state violators or to severely disabled violators. Check the printed materials you received from your Court, or call the Court, to insure that you are eligible.

4. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AND REGULAR TRAFFIC SCHOOL? They are very similar with respect to the material covered. The main difference is that with the home-study program, you can study on your own, at your own pace, as time is available. And your successful completion is guaranteed.

5. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AND OTHER HOME STUDY TRAFFIC SCHOOLS? is a completely online, interactive course. With a few County exceptions, our course in 100% online. This means you can complete the couse at your time! There are a few online courses that are fancier than we are, but that's because we chose to make our course as fast as possible by doing without online video and Java, which increase download time (which is the time you have to wait around staring at your screen while your computer pulls each screen of content from the Web).

6. HOW MUCH DO HOME STUDY COURSES COST? is priced competitively with classroom Traffic Schools. Only $19.95 covers all of your costs (you must supply your own Internet access).

7. HOW DO I PAY? All the instructions you will need will be clearly stated and easily followed once you start the course. The easiest and fastest way to go is to pay with a credit card online. You can also FAX us your credit card information (Fax: 1-866-805-0745) or send us a check to PO Box 41243, Bakersfield, CA 93384. You'll find all the information you need immediately following your registration or, should you choose to wait to pay, via links within the course and, again, at the very end.

8. DO I HAVE TO WAIT FOR MY PAYMENT TO CLEAR BEFORE I TAKE THE PROGRAM? No. In fact, if you're the nervous type, you can take the entire course before you pay. Of course, you won't receive your certificate without paying.

9. IS ANY CLASSROOM ATTENDANCE REQUIRED? No. Your classroom is in the comfort of your own home.

10. WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS? No Email address is required. However, without Email you will not receive our automatic notices verifying that we have confirmed your completion of each round and your completion of the course. This will make no difference to the court, or to your experience of the course. But if you take the course without Email, and you do not receive a Certificate of Completion in the mail within four days of finishing the test and your payment having cleared (if you pay by check, remember this takes up to 5 extra days) call us at 1-866-2-CLEAR-IT.

11. WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE MY OWN ACCESS TO THE INTERNET? No problem. We have had many students take the course at work, at a friend's computer, or even at the library. Any Internet access will do.

12. HOW SOON SHOULD I SIGN UP FOR TRAFFIC SCHOOL? If you are eligible for Traffic School and decide that you would rather meet your court requirements on your own time, in your own home, at your own convenience instead of spending 8 hours drinking stale coffee in a La Quinta meeting room, you should sign up as soon as possible. You'll want to complete the course in plenty of time to allow for your Certificate of Completion to be sent to the Court and recorded by your due date.

13. ONCE I SIGN UP, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO COMPLETE THE PROGRAM? Just click on the button on the bottom of this page and follow the onscreen directions. It's simple, it's fun and it will make you a safer driver if you let it.

14. DOES MY CERTIFICATE HAVE TO BE AT THE COURT BY MY DUE DATE? OR IS OKAY IF IT'S POSTMARKED BY THEN BUT ARRIVES LATE? Every court has its own policy concerning what constitutes "meeting your deadline." Some require your Certificate to be in their hands by the date, some require only that your Certificate be dated by the due date, some go by the postmark, some will give you an extension if you call, and some have automatic grace periods (of varying lengths). Because these policies often change, we do not keep track of them. You must contact your court to determine its policy.

15. AFTER I COMPLETE THE COURSE, WILL MY CITATION BE DISMISSED JUST AS IF I HAD GONE TO A REGULAR CLASSROOM TRAFFIC SCHOOL? Yes. fulfills all the requirements that will result in the dismissal of your traffic citation, as long as you successfully complete the program. And we guarantee your successful completion and the dismissal of your citation or we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

16. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN ONLINE PROGRAM. WHY CAN'T YOU EMAIL MY CERTIFICATE? We are state-of-the-art, but the courts are slower to modernize. They are also justifiably concerned about the potential for electronic fraud. So they currently allow no electronic delivery (including Facsimiles-FAX). They will accept original certificates only.

17. I RECEIVED A FORM FROM THE COURT THAT SAYS I NEED TO GET A SIGNATURE FROM MY TRAFFIC SCHOOL AND SEND IT IN WITH MY CERTIFICATE. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Don't worry about that form. It is not required when you do your traffic school online with us.

18. I PAID A TRAFFIC SCHOOL FEE TO THE COURT. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY YOU, TOO? Many courts charge an administrative fee to allow you to take traffic school. This is separate from your traffic school tuition (which you would have to pay to any school you go to). We get no money from the courts and they get no money from us.



21. I HAVE A COMMERICAL LICENSE, CAN I TAKE YOUR COURSE? Regrettably, we are NOT qualified to issue a certificate for Commercial Drivers.